Thursday, December 01, 2005

State Rep. Seaver to Retire

When elected in 2000, Derrick Seaver (R-Minster) was the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio Assembly at age 18. Seaver originally ran as a Democrat in an overwhelmingly Republican district and beat his Republican opponent, Dave Shiffer, by only 242 votes. After the 2004 election, Seaver changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, citing growing rifts with the Democratic caucus, particularly on social issues. With only one term left to serve after 2006, Rep. Seaver has decided to retire. Declared candidates in the race to find his replacement include former Rep. Bob McEwen's campaign Manager Wes Farno, among others.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! Derrick, you always were an opportunist; you ran unopposed, got re-elected then 2 weeks later rode the Bush tide and switched party affiliations. If you had principles you would have switched party affiliations before your last election.

R. Freytag , formerly of Minster.

Blogger Brian G. said...

Seaver should have switched parties before the 2004 general election, no doubt about it. But I don't understand how he could have ridden the "Bush tide" in 2004 as he was a Democratic candidate on the ballot still.


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