Thursday, December 01, 2005

Schmidt Could Face Primary Challenge(s)

Jean Schmidt's comments on the floor of the US House concerning Jack Murtha's plan to pullout of Iraq within 6 months and labeling him a "coward" as inspired many Republican political figures to weigh a run against Schmidt in the OH-02 Republican Primary next May. State Rep. Tom Brinkman (R) has already expressed his sentiment that someone should challenge Schmidt, though he would not signal whether or not he will enter the race. Former Rep. Bob McEwen may be getting into the mix as well, after showing up uninvited to newly elected Cincinnati City Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz's celebration party. McEwen has also announced that he will not be running against incumbent US Sen. Mike DeWine in the Republican primary next year, again leaving the possibility open for another US House run in the 2nd District.

On the Democratic side, Housing executive Thor Jacobs has announced his intent to run in the OH-02 Democratic Primary next year.


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