Saturday, February 09, 2008

OH-02 Labelled as One of the Worst

Washington Congressional pundit Stu Rothenberg has labelled the Congressional race being one of the worst in recent history. Incumbent Congresswoman Jean Schmidt barely hung on against Dr. Victoria Wulsin in 2006. Wulsin is running for the Democrats again this year and Schmidt has drawn a Republican primary challenger in state legislator Tom Brinkman. Brinkman has grabbed headlines for his unsuccessful lawsuit against Miami University in which he claimed the school's domestic partner benefits violated Ohio's ban on gay marriage. Pure idiocy. Schmidt is not well liked by the Republican establishment or by voters in her own Congressional district. Her own poll from last month shows she doesn't have majority (50%+1) support among Republicans.

Wulsin, for her part, is not better. She recycled a campaign TV advertisement from the 2006 election and constantly talks in circles. Rothenberg provides an entertaining case in point at the end of his article. Apparently Wulsin considers herself a liberal AND conservative. What issues does she take a conservative stance on? Well, apparently she loves marriage and families! I had no idea such stances were only taken by conservatives. My bad.

In all seriousness, Rothenberg has this race handicapped perfectly. Schmidt has given no reason to re-elect her but Wulsin provides nothing to be elected in her own right. And despite this Congressional district being one of the most Republican districts in the state of Ohio, it's likely to be a barn burner yet again. Sigh.

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