Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dann On the Offensive Over Tax History

State Senator Mark Dann (D-Youngstown) took the offensive over growing criticism and Republican demands for him to release his tax records. Soon after announcing his candidacy for state Attorney General, Dann's tax history was put under scrutiny. Dann has been the subject of interest by state debt collectors dating back to 1997 and just 17 days ago the state of Ohio filed a collection of $561.71 in back taxes against Dann. Dann called the news of his tax history Republican "smear tactics" and that he never abused the power of this office, like leading Republicans in the state. But Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett offered a different prespective on the State Senator who has been a leading critic of the Noe scandals, calling Dann a "hypocrite" who was "throwing rocks from a glass house."


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