Monday, January 02, 2006

UAW Endorses Hackett

A surprise announcement came from the United Auto Workers of Ohio when they decided to endorse the candidacy of Paul Hackett over Congressman Sherrod Brown on 12/16. The vote to endorse Hackett over Brown in the Democratic Primary for US Senate was overwhelming, a 26-1 vote in favor of Hackett. Hackett is a mere political novice compared to organize labor supporter Congressman Sherrod Brown. Brown dismissed the union endorsement claiming, "I've won consistently in Republican areas and I'll continue to fight for working families," he said. "I predict with absolute certainty that I'll still get a majority of the rank-and-file. They know me and know my record." But the surprise endorsement could signal a divide in Ohio's organize labor groups between Brown and Hackett and that spells bad news for Ohio Democrats this coming year.


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