Thursday, December 22, 2005

Noe on the Offensive over State Coin Investment

Toledo coin dealer Tom Noe, the target of much political scandal and concern over the past year, is now fighting back his critics. Noe made a rare and probably only public appearance with his attorney at his side yesterday to counter the claims made by mainly Ohio Democrats that the $50 million investment by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation was a total failure. Noe and his attorney claim the investment will net the Ohio BWC with a profit of $11.9 million this year. Noe did not explain how this projected profit fits with the state's assertion that the fun will end the year with a $13 million shortfall. Meanwhile, an investigation spearheaded by Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro continues into reports of Noe stealing up to $4 million from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation fund. Noe is also cooperating with law enforcement in regards to 119 coins (at a value of $93,000) that are believed to be property of the state of Ohio but ended up in the home of a suburban Colorado man. St. Sen. Marc Dann (D-Youngstown) accussed Noe's attorney of attempting to taint a potential jury pool and found the profit claim without merit.

Tom Noe


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