Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ohio Faces Loss of 2 US House seats come 2010

According to a new AP article, Ohio could loss as many as 2 Congressional seats (and 2 electoral votes in the Presidental election) after the 2010 census and redistricting takes effect for the 2012 elections. If current projections of population loss stands, only New York and Ohio would be states set to lose 2 Congressional seats. Several other states face the loss of single House seats. The US Census Bureau is set to release its projections for 2010 today and the results will reportedly show that the Nevada is now the fastest growing state in the union, particularly the Las Vegas metro area. The entire US population grew by 0.9% over this past year to now 296.4 million people.
From the article: "In 1940, Northeastern and Midwestern states had a total of 251 seats in the House, compared with 184 for states in the South and West.
Today, Southern and Western states have the edge, 252-183."


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