Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cranley for Congress, 48 hours later

Newly elected Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley (D) announced his intent to challenge Rep. Steve Chabot (R) again (he first challenged Chabot in 2000, losing by 5 points) less than 48 hours after being sworn into his third term as a Cincinnati City Councilman. Executive Director of the Hamilton County Republican Party Brad Greenberg has some harsh words for Councilman Cranley, "John Cranley must have set a record for the shortest amount of time between being sworn into one office and announcing plans for the next office. To wait only 48 hours is disrespectful to the voters of Cincinnati. John Cranley cares more about his own advancement than fulfilling his duties on City Council."

Greenberg's counterpart in the Hamilton County Democratic Party shot back, " Since Chabot is in his sixth two-year term, when will he announce that he won't seek re-election?Or does Brad Greenberg think Steve Chabot cares more about advancing his own career than keeping his promises to Ohio's First Congressional District?Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. John Cranley has officially run for two offices during his distinguished career. Elected three times, with over five years of service on City Council, John Cranley has added more police to the streets, fought blight in neighborhoods, reinvested in the urban core, and balanced biennial budgets."

Analysis: In a Chabot v. Cranley rematch for OH-01, Chabot should win by about 10 points. While Cranley has more name recognition by being in this third term as a Cincinnati City Councilman, OH-01 is considerably more GOP than it was in 2000. Best prediction at this point is 55-45, Chabot elected to a seventh term.


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