Friday, December 16, 2005

Petro Claims Dead Heat with Blackwell

After a $1 million TV ad campaign, Attorney General Jim Petro has claimed a statistical dead heat with Secretary of State Ken Blackwell but only in a two-race that does not include Auditor Betty Montgomery. In a two-way match, Petro and Blackwell are tied at 33%-33%. In match of Blackwell vs. Montgomery, Blackwell leads 40%-27%. In the three-way race, Blackwell still leads Petro and Montgomery 30%-35%-12%, respectively. But among those who have claimed to see Petro's recent TV ads, Petro leads Blackwell 40%-26%. The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies 12/06-07 with a margin of error +/- 4.38%.

The Public Opinion Strategies constrasts considerably with the Columbus Dispatch poll conducted 09/22-10/08. That poll showed Blackwell with a hefty lead over Petro and Mongtomery at 32%-18%-16%, respectively.

While the Public Opinion Strategies poll was conducted for the Petro campaign, it's certain that the recent TV ads have had a positive effect on his numbers and name ID. Blackwell will have to respond soon to counteract the trend.

NOTE: This blogger proudly endorses Jim Petro for Ohio Governor.


Blogger Jeff Spanos said...

Wow, a blogger who endorsed Jim Petro. There is a new one. A flip-flopping NARAL-endorsed anti-gun sleezy fundraiser.

Blogger Brian G. said...

The abortion issue has never been at the centerfold of any Petro campaign. And when exactly did Petro get a NARAL endorsement? I doubt they meddle in races for a Cuyahoga County Commissioner. He's never been "anti-gun." Not sure how becoming pro-life makes one "sleezy"


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