Monday, January 02, 2006

Blackwell, Montgomery Revert to Push Polling

According to reports from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, calls have been made to Ohioans across the state by pollsters hired by the Blackwell campaign denouncing Blackwell's gubernatorial rival Jim Petro's supposed "horrible track record" and fundraising relationships with "favored GOP whipping boy Bill Clinton" and also "being part of the problem in Columbus." The calls are not really measuring any voter support for any candidate and never even mentions Ken Blackwell by name, only Petro in a purely negative light. Blackwell has been able to sucessfully avoid mentioning himself in the calls by masking the effort through his front gorup "Citizens for Tax Reform."

The third main GOP contender for Governor, Auditor Betty Montgomery, has also hired pollsters to do a similar practice over the phone. The Petro denounced the practice as pure "push polling" in an e-mail sent to supporters this morning on 01/02.

Betty Montgomery


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