Sunday, January 08, 2006

Eric Fingerhut to Enter Governor's Race

St. Sen. Eric Fingerhut (D-Shaker Heights) is preparing to enter the Democratic Primary for Ohio Governor. Fingerhut has already sent out fundraiser fliers to potential supporters and he also moving roughly $14,500 from his State Senate campaign account to a new financial account for Governor. Fingerhut joins two other delcared candidates in Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) and former St. Rep. and Democratic challenger for Ohio Secretary of State in 2002 Bryan Flannery of Strongsville.

Analysis: Strickland is the heavy favorite here and almost a lock to be the Democratic candidate for Governor in '06. Both Fingerhut and Flannery are not well known outside the Cleveland area and they will be hard pressed to raise the necessary funds to get their names out there. Strickland has the support of the Ohio Democratic establishment and of big Democratic donors in the state. Aditionally, Fingerhut and Flannery will effectively split the Cleveland vote since they are both known fairly well in the metro area. This leaves Strickland with the support of much of the state outside Cuyahoga County. Expect a Strickland blowout at least in margin of victory but perhaps not in over percentage of the primary voters. Something like a 50%-30%-20% victory is plausible but nothing worse than that for Strickland.


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